Order Notes enhancement and display them in Chronological order

We use order notes a lot. Basically we use it to record all important correspondences between us and the customer. So different people in the company can easily understand the problem with the order (if any). The main problem at the moments are:

1. The Order Notes are displayed in random order. It is not a problem where there are only one or two notes, but when there are 4 or more notes, it would help a lot if they are displayed in Chronological order.

2. We can copy the whole email as Order Note before the orders are processed, but only one line every time after the orders are processed. This means we effective have to type the message twice (one reply the customer, one shorter version as the order Notes in Linnworks).

With the suggested enhancement to the Order Notes system, Linnworks can also be used as a semi-automatic Customer Relationship Management software, which all the multi-channel software currently don't have.

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also if you can enter notes in the order processing screen that would be great.
These updates will be released into one of the next patchs.

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