Mark an SKU as active or inactive.

when printing an inventory manifest, we get a large amount of sku most of them we dont use anymore. so it would be a good idea if we can mark an sku as active or inactive to get more organised.

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It would be nice if inactive stock are ignored in search results, and giving the user a radio box "Include Inactive SKU" option
Agreed. We have them marked up with minimum reorder levels of 8888 for those we choose not to reorder, and 9999 if tehy are no longer available for purhcase from the manufacturer. That ability to have a reason for inactivity would be useful. Also, if the manufacturer re-issues the item, we'd like to be able to reinstate it. SO it needs to be a flag that can be switched on or off.
This would be very useful in day to day use. We have a custom inventory management system built in the backend through PHP/MySQL and the API and it annoys the daylights to not be able to set some stock as inactive
would also be good if we could hide composite items
When searching inventory, having the ability to choose to return all results OR only items with a stock quantity, would be a huge help for us.
@ Mark Adam - we put all our composite items into a category called "Composites" so that they stay separate from our products. Not sure if this would help you
Any news on the ETA for this? Thanks guys!
this should also be included on stock item export - so you can only export active items or export all if choose to
Any update on the eta please
Just wondering if there was any update on this yet as it was ETA end of May!
Any updates on the ETA on this?
Whats going on with this one, can we have an update, it was planned a year ago now!
Coul we have an update on this please - ETA was MAY 2012.
I realise you guys are working really hard implementing new cool features into Linnworks, keep up the fantastic work - It's many times more awesome and stable than it was a year ago. I too was wondering if this is still a planned feature and when the likely date is for implementation?

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