inegration with

1 )Print labels without downloading any software
2) The invoice or packing list print after the label automatically
3) Stamps never has problem with the website Vz Endicia always has problems with website etc.

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Needing this as well!
love this idea and if this is executed it should have a field thats blank to in put a value if working with a third party insurance company like u-pic.

Me Too!!!
when will this be available (at least an est)
Any updates on the plan for It seems it was marked as "planned" one year ago, but I do not see any follow-ups from linnworks.

I am wondering why Linnworks representative are not replying to any requests and not giving any updates.

This functionality was in the planning stage before we started working fully on

We now have full provision to implement the functionality in using our shipping gateway. The card has been moved to project and will be kept in the Planning stage as we have now scheduled direct integration.

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