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Splitting multipacks purchased from Suppliers.

We buy items from our supplier as multipacks, and we sell them as individual items. Linnworks as we know it does not support this. For example SKU 111/001 (multipack which can and can't be sold) is our supplier's code and our code is 111/000 (individual item), we'd like Linnworks to allow us to associate the items and split them based on pack-size

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Yes, we need some way of doing this. We have several multipacks and have to order individual items through Linnworks, but say in our covering email to teh supplier that if we have more than half of the multipack required, we want an order, but not if only one or two. It is fraught with problems.

There are also many items where we sell singly, but have to order in sixes, tens or twelves.
This will not be possible to do.

Instead we have implemented pack sizes into the system.

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