Copy an inventory item

Important time saving feature, which will allow quick listing of new inventory items by simply copying existing ones and only editing what is needed.

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A simple and effective way to list an item in one place and then send it to all sales channels (ebay, amazon, magento, etc) without the extra overhead of manually entering each item.
Given the ever increasing number of records in extended properties, having the ability to copy an existing inventory item to a new one and then edit it, would be a huge time saver. The sooner you can roll this out the better.
Definately needed, we sell clothing in various colours and sizes, if we happen to have 3 colours over 7 sizes that 21 inventory items that need done seperately each with identical purchase prices, retail prices etc, the ability to make one and copy it 20 times would save me a lot of time!
+1, glad ti see it's being implemented, it will save a lot of time, thanks :-)
It would be great if we could copy a Purchase Order that has been delivered to a new one with the same items. We make nearly the same purchases from our vendor every 2-3 weeks , so it would save us some time.


Hi, Fed's comment said mid-June rollout - any update??
We have also been waiting for this, it is a must have feature for us.
Any updates on this? Thanks,

This has now completed and has been released in the latest patch

Documentation for this feature can be found here

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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