Be able to refund directly to PayPal and Amazon from an order

Instead of having to go to each individual website to refund a payment each order should show better / clearer payment information. Eg. an eBay order paid via PayPal would have the paypal email address, total amount paid via PayPal, the transaction id, whether the address is verified or not and then the ability to adjust the order amount and refund directly from here to PayPal. This can be done as it is available on other software as well as refunding directly to Amazon as well, and recording this in the order.

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At the very least, there should be a link to the paypal transaction in the view order screen for open or processed orders, making it very easy to refund. There is already a link on the refunds screen, but you have to make a refund for it to show, and sometimes we just need to check things on the payment.
It would also be useful to send an unpaid item reminder if the order is from eBay.
Currently the only way to issue a Paypal refund is to log into Paypal and do it. The problem is that you may not want your customer service staff to have access to your Paypal account.
Paypal does allow refunds to be made via API directly from third party software.
Given the number of votes for this feature, can Linn staff provide thoughts on the idea?
And a link (or direct refund) for cancelling open orders would also be a bonus :)
The fact that one still has to go into each individual channels to manually process the refund (2 channels in the case of an eBay order) actually forfeits the whole point using a multichannel software/centralised system for order processing.
Implementing this feature will be a very good idea and will safe loads of time. I believe the API to perform this is already available from the channels.
Can you please make sure you do not just limit this to Paypal via eBay.
Will there be any provision for sending buyers money when we need to refund them the cost to them of sending a faulty item back to us? This has to be done seperately because there is no provision for refunding more than the original payment.
This implementation will be a bit pointless for us if you then have to log in to paypal to do that.
Was this implemented?
Linnworks giving false information? Nikita say they are in final developments but Linnworks staff have checked with the developers and they say they have not even started development yet :S
What's happening with this?
feb 13th - "currently completing the final stages"
these must be some mad crazy final stages LW !!
Well this is embarrassing... Top idea and it's September!
'We currently completing final stages of this development.' really...
To be able to cancel an order in Linnworks that automatically sends the info back to the specific channel.

i.e. cancel an amazon order in Linnworks and that order is automatically cancelled in amazon.

I am aware that other marketplace software offers this functionality so it would be very useful if Linnworks had the same

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