Show the location and Bin on inventory and stock adjustment screen

we often have a need to change the location of an item in our warehouse based on how many we have and when we are getting them in. it would be nice to alter the location and bin when we change a stock quantity.

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This is a must for any business to operate efficiently it takes far too long to view and amend etc. It is a critical column of information.
When locating an item it just takes to long to drill down to bin/rack so you can find where it is in the store room. It should be along side the product code as standard
I agree
The Column Chooser function for the My Inventory search screen needs improvement. Users should be allowed more choices than the few that are there, so that key data can be displayed on screen immediately after a search.

Right now you have to click the Edit Item option and then do multiple extra clicks on the left side menu to find the information required.
Of course there are some limitations for the display grid when All Locations is selected from the dropdown, but if one location such as Default is selected, more choices should be made available and made "sticky" for future searches. (Right now all Column Chooser choices go back to Default wheb a new search is made.
I agree. Also we love to see if you can add an option to add more bin to the item since sometimes we have same item in more than 1 bin
I can't believe the option to display the BIN loacation is not on the My Inventory screen. We would use this a hell of a lot.
would agree with this as well. at the moment it makes it difficult to find the bin location of an item if we quickly need to pick one off the shelf to check something. if this could be shown on the inventory screen next to the location it relates to then this would be great!
Please do this, it will be brilliant!
We are new to Linnworks & are trying out the free Express so that we know how to use the system before we start paying for it. We really could use a bin / rack location on the stock screen too. As I can not see us using the variation group part of this screen I have used it for bin / rack location which does the trick & may be helpfull to others, unless there is anyone out there who knows the programme better than in (shouldn't be difficult as this is only day 2 for us) & can see a problem with this in the future
we really need it
We mainly use or PO sheets to put stock away, but we keep find our self needing a quick reference for the item location. This feature would be really useful as i want my pickers and packers to use a restricted versions of my inventory. I think we need to check a bin location around 30 - 60 times a week. Get it done guys
This would be excellent, also it should be possible to have more than one bin location ?
The Bin Rack Location is now displayed within the Inventory screen and the column layout now saves. Our suggestion for multiple bin racks is to comma delimit the Bin Rack field

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