Allow printing of multiple copies of invoices with print dialogs or dedicated setting.

The ability to print multiple copies of each invoice, either via a print dialog or just specifying an option to always print two copies.

If using print dialog, there should be an option to enable/disable it. Then we would simply select 2 copies and do not collate. I can see in tutorial videos that the print dialog used to come up in previous versions, so I assume it would be extremely easy to implement.

If via dedicated setting, would just have to put how many you want and it would print that many every time you press print invoice. The first option would be more flexible.

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This is a real problem for me! I need my batch pilot to print two collated copies of each invoice. I can choose 2 copies in the print dialogue but it still only prints one. Obviously linnworks have had to actually interrupt the normal printing process to make it work the way it currently does. Therefore they should be able to fix it with little to no effort.

Even if they dont want to change the printing function there are other ways to fix it for us:
- allow us to select the same action twice when creating a pilot rather than limiting it to one of each possible action
- just allow invoice template to span multiple pages so i can make my template default to two pages with the same information on them
We have implemented printing multiple copies of the templates via the print dialogue and collate / non collate options in the template designer.

At this time we won't be implemented a dedicated setting for always printing say 2 copies. The print setting must be set to Select printer in order to show the print dialogue.

This will be released in one of the next patches.
This is not yet working for me - anybody else having problems?
As mentioned it will be released in the next patch, we have not released the patch yet. Therefore this won't work.

The patch is due to be released either end of this week (by 13/07) or early next.
So is there a way for us to select a printer option yet? Anytime we print an invoice from processed orders it just gets sent to our default printer, not our PDF printer that I would like.



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