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EPOS Receipt Designer

template designer for the EPOS receipt.

Item 1 (Description and Price)

Item 2 (Description and Price)

Item 3 (Description and Price)


Pre-Tax Total $##.##

Tax: $##.##

Total incl. Tax: $##.##

Also to be edit the fonts and custom wording on the receipt would be great. Thank you.

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Anon, Sco Logic and the developers are working together to make the receipt functionality alot better. While better receipt layout is probably needed straight away we've hopefully got things underway
Would like to print customer information (Name at least)
Would like to print original price excluding tax (as above per "Anonymous")
Would like to show discount and net price after discount.
Would like to add tax as above (per "Anonymous").
Also need more space for return information etc.

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