Automatically Update Listings made through LL2 if changes are made in Linn Works.

When you update an item in linnworks the changes should be reflected everywhere. Currently, if you set up the listing descriptions and list through LL2 you cannot make changes to these listings through the Listings Descriptions. You must go into LL2 and find the listing, then edit it through each channel then update. It would be much easier for LL2 to recognize when the Channel Info in Linnworks is different and update all channels to match automatically or on Sync.

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Thanks Fedor, this sounds very reasonable. I have been able to overcome this issue by editing them in LL2 for the time being.
At the moment you can use Price Adjustment to change price on all your channels.
Right click on Title or SKU in LL2.
Will image revision and relevant extended properties also be included in the semi auto bulk revise?
Hey guys - any update on this one??
Magento Listing went from Zero to Hero a little while back on this and it now has All the Adjust Capabilities (ie. Attributes too ) . If we get that added to Amazon and Ebay too we will have all the optons to do the required actions in this request . Total Agree with Fed how it should operate , please NO automation ! With that in mind we only need a way to "search" for items with changes to be able to select and batch the updates. I see an option has been added "Show only Changed Products" in the new search window. is this the way this will be delivered . Is workable for sure , but think a top level option to extract and view this would be nice too .
Now in LL2 you can see all changes in inventory. You can then search and adjust such listings.

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