autosend despatch emails automatically

Auto-Send can be enabled to send all mail in the background, but it does need to be started manually each time Linnworks is started.

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In my experience, Linnworks terminates connection to the cloud once the PC goes into sleep mode. Having to manually re-establish the "Auto Send" every day is very tedious. Not to mention it's in an obscure place on the menu system. Email has nothing to do with syncing, Email has to do with orders! I would like to see this feature as always on or always off, and do away with the "auto send till you close the program" style we have now.
Emails should be autosent AUTOMATICALLY, rather than having to go in several times a day, open up the Outbox, and click autosend.

It is crazy that this is no longer automatic.

The email helps us to show to customers that we have sent the order, it contains information about the order and method of despatch in far more detail than the channel.

The email does reduce the number of claims for non despatch, and also reduces the number of fake claims of non receipt.
We agree!! System speed is not increased 'overall' by taking this function out if once automated processes are manual. Batch process may appear quicker but now man hours are longer? Also think it is poor for this function was removed without notice as we had emails in our outbox for weeks resulting in poor customer service!
We have also been caught out by this feature being silently dropped - having just spent several hours going through dispatch confirmations to delete ones prior to this week, and send the 'recent' ones, I am hugely annoyed by the issue.
How can it possibly be better to waste individual workers time rather than setting an automatic switch by default? I thought the point of an orders management system was automation.

We want fit and forget, not assign staff to remember and keep one eye on it, going back for manual selection after the fact if it was left too long, so we don't look inept to customers.
Note: If system speed is impacted by immediate email dispatch, surely it cant be too tricky to set up an asynchronous email queue, even if it is triggered after a sych or only kicks in as a low priority process? Ideally, we would have emails queued and triggered after a set (say) 3 mins inactivity on the batch processing, or triggered to send when the dispatch console is closed.
Has this been resolved yet?
Agree. Once 'Auto Send' is switched on, it should stay on.
The efficiency of the order processing system is diminished as there is now a requirement to 'remember' to send emails.
I would have thought the goal of the software should be to provide a means of taking orders from the channel, have them floating through Linnworks without manual intervention (provided the criteria set up - such as 'paid' are met) to end with the picking list and labels being printed in the warehouse.
I turn on autosend at the start of the day, and as long as the email outbox tab stays open, the emails will be sent immediately.

Thats what I do and it works fine.
could the autosend/ email outbox be configured to delete emails that are generated for orders with no email address associated.
Neil - would you not want to know about a customer whom has not received the email that could be giving them critical information?
there wouldnt be anything that critical from us and a search in the order book or processed orders would answer a query from a customer
Maybe the answer is to allow auto-sending emails as part of a Batch Pilot? Not really though that idea through though. I frequently forget to turn Auto back on and was surprised to see it default back to off. Consequently, my emails go out days late.
Has this still not been allocated to a developer? Been quite a while now.
Still no updates?

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