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Integration with Etsy

The stats:

$54.9 million of goods (after refunds and cancellations*) were sold by our community [Etsy] in January, 19.6% lower than December’s $68.1 million

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We will not be integrating with Etsy for the forseeable future.
Hmmm... I don't think saying "no" and closing down an idea after 3 weeks can be classed as listening to your customers.

Perhaps leaving it open longer to see how many votes collect....?

I am certainly interested in etsy integration
I too, would be interested in this integration
There are now 55 votes on another thread for integrating with Etsy - please reconsider this!
Any reasons you are not looking for Etsy?
Those stats are old ... there are NOW more than 1 million sellers on etsy. Not only are they quite a few existing Linn Works users on there, there are tens of thousands of perspective Linn Works users and etsy provides minimal tools to manage the order flow. It is completely ignorant to NOT look into integration.

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