Enable USB Scale Integration

When order is opened(in process order screen) the weight of the order is automatically pulled from USB scale.

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great idea
Good to see that this feature is in the Planning... One more feature in relation to this would be to add an option to add the weight to that particular SKU as well. So if an Item is weighed once then its added to the database and need not to do it again.
Has there been any update or progress on USB scale integration? Manually inputting order/shipment weights is extremely inefficient, as well as prone to human error.
Any further along with this, Dan?
Good suggestion.. This has lots of benefits..
Would like to see Packed weight entered into the database.. The screen could then show last weight and date of last weighing.. (as in Ok no need to reweigh this one!!)

Some of our items require additional packing that can really add to the unpacked weight.
Could see this providing a ton of useful information and data, not to mention improving workflow considerably.
Implemented in
Has this been implemented yet in Linnworks desktop because now that Royal Mail is using 2D Barcoding, that now means I have to use the weights in Linnworks and every items weight is unique in that it changes all the time so I have to weight item after packed and keep using the mouse and typing the figures in is slowing me down. I would think this option is more important now than ever before due to royal mail 2d barcodes
Would still like to see this in desktop version if possible please!!!

This is indicated as implemented but there's no documentation on usage, compatible scales, etc... 

Can anyone point us in the right direction?

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