Integration with Endicia label server so that return labels may be issued.

Ability to provide return labels very important to U.S customers hope to see this feature in the near future

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We also would love to have this, where linnworks could print a pre-paid label that attaches to the return booking e-mail =)
We are missing in Linnworks the screen where you can see a break down of all shipping prices BEFORE printing a lablel, we would love to be able to see the available shipping options and prices so we could decide before processing the order which service to use
Is this function active now? I saw the endicia label server is now working - we will test later this month maybe (a little scared) ; we would be willing to test the return labels thing right now if possible. Thanks - Group Vertical, LLC
Endicia Label Server functionality is currently being written. This will be reviewed by our developer.

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