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Find item search in EPOS, Reprint Recipt, Better EOD report

1> We need the ability to search for a product via epos, like my inventory, so that we can find the correct code and ensure the item is minimised from the inventory,

2> it would also be good to have a reprint feature for orders that are processed as customers always ask for a receipt after the transaction is complete, bah

3> EOD report from EPOS needs to show Tax collected, also report to print weekly or monthly sales and show increase / decrease on the previous years sales.



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1. We will not be adding search functionality to EPOS system, it's not how the system was designed to be used.
2. As the receipts are not stored when printing and order information is cleared from EPOS once it's synced back to Linnworks it will be very hard to implement this.
3. EOD reports have been extended to include further tax calculations. Further information is available through Linnworks Query Data.

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