warnings / updates / matters requiring attention page

I'd like to see a page/tab that highlights to us all matters where Linnworks has not been able to complete a task fully or properly.

The things I'd like to see on it are such as:

1. Unable to sync

2. Sync error such as

a. Amazon Partial Error - typically a timeout

b. Playtrade partial error - typically product not found

c. ebay API authority expired

d. could not connect to generic web site

3. Unable to re-list. Regularly a product comes back in stock but fails to re-list on ebay. It seems that this is usually because it has been off list for 60 days so ebay prevent re-list as the terms and conditions in the listing are probably out of date.

4. Linkage errors / duplication

5. Out of stock. We work on real time stocks and it is vital to know if an order comes in for an item that is actually out of stock/ oversold. We have to find why, usually a human error at some point in the linking. It would be useful to have these together on one page.

I am sure there are many other items that could go on there.

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Linnworks have said on 13 Jne "It is planned to do a warnings / updates page however as everything it's time to implement." but if enough people find this a really good idea, it might move nearer the top of the pile.
It would make sense to store anything that gets logged via the debug.AddEntry API call used in the Automation scrips as well. I assume that this is what is used internally to log issues during the synchronization.
Personally I dont understand why this is not a deal breaker for many. The lack of error visibility is something we are very concerned about. By its very nature of dealing with linking despareate system in a process of such tight integration and sync it is absolutely going to be the case there are errors from time to time and no one should expect otherwise unless they are naive, So I would expect this to be right up there as a priority essential .Then add since it is known that some channels have throttling limits , lag and the problem of sync latency and indeed sync failing all of which will cause potential trading issue . This has to be something Linn see as important .. surely .. irrespective of whether users think its important to them.
Isnt this the basis of the new Advisory Screen , and therefore Should be marked up as in progress/completed etc ?
This functionality can be found in the Advisor screen, which we will be constantly updating with new features and error handling.
Any chance that the current of issues registered with the Advisor screen being available somewhere so we can see what is and is not covered . e.g are ALL the above covered explicitly already ?

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