Option to add notes when making a manual stock adjustment

When you make a manual stock adjustment in 'My Inventory' you should have the option to add a note to say why you have had to manually adjust stock

I know the idea is you never manually adjust but sometimes need must - it would be handy when looking back say in a years time to know why you had to make it

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I realize this request is 7 years old, but I feel it's worth revisiting.  Having the ability to add a note when manually adjusting stock levels is vital to understanding why there are errors in the first place.  If my warehouse has lost an item, they need to log that the negative adjustment was due to losing an item.  If a product is damaged, log it as damaged. And so on.  Ideally, I would also be able to generate a report on all stock level adjustments and I could focus on the specific reason for the adjustments to fix workflow processes.  My accounting dept could also us the report to better associate product loss with the appropriate loss accounts.

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