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Have presets in Linnworks for extended properties

When adding extended properties in Linnworks you have to constantly retype the extended property name and the value and type.

Can we not have presets or it remember the ones we use regularly?

For instance we want to have Manufacturer and Part Number for every Inventory, so when we are creating new Inventory's we could just use a drop down for once we have used previously or it know that we need that in there everytime.

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This is a vital addition to the system, I have up to 3 different versions of Size, size, sizes and other extended property names and finding it very hard to correct! Linnworks needs to be as idiot proof as possible when manually inputting data! My staff still carnt get it right when the format is printed out in front of them!!!!
We have the same issue regarding extended properties, where users can't seem to type this correctly. So when we using configarator we have 8 different version of Size, Fragrance Type etc. This would be very usedful
Completely agree, with both these comments. It's definitely a must.
Great Idea . And amazing useful it would be for anyone who uses linnlive and therefore needs a list of these to be entered mandatory take full advantage . Be good to actually be able to do t hat . Set the Extended Property as such .
Existing extended properties can be selected from a drop down now. If you wish to use groups then the best thing to do is use the data import.

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