Simplify macro scripting

I'm not sure about everone elsle but I would like to be able to create and edit macros that manage orders and postal services etc. The problem is right now if you don't have a programming background you have no chance. I can edit the macros I have but when it comes to writing new ones i just don't have the time to learn all the commands, syntax etc. for a feature I'll use maybe once a month.

I propose a choice based rule wizardn system like you get in Outlook where you pick commands and variables from lists. It's quick and easy and you would be able to create or edit a macro whenever your circumstances change. It would make experimentation much easier too.

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We have two developments that will allow for this. The first is the already completed Macro Templates, which contains a list of macros which can be altered with parameters that you supply. We are also planning on releasing a Shipping Allocation tool which will simplify the rules engine for choosing conditions for postal services.

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