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Google Shopping Merchant as channel integration

Ability to link products and list on Google Shopping

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Channel Adviser offers this feature.
Optional add-ons from Magento are the only simple way I can see at the moment...I can't even see a way of simply exporting the information to upload to Google manually...??
You need a feed manager if you have a magento store, we also had one for prestashop too, this isn't something Linnworks is intended for. Once you set up a feed you need have to touch it again. Channel adviser has a comparison shopping manager as a separate product from their inventory manager
Management of Google shopping feeds should be performed within your web cart solution (for example on Magento).

You cannot do it within Linnworks as it is not a point of sale system, hence there is nowhere to lead the customer to in the feed itself.

Google Shopping is a very simple feed that can be generated by any ecommerce platform (magento, bigcommerce etc), there is no need to over-complicate things and attempt to make Linnworks to generate.

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