A way to open the Stock Item History for an Item directly from the Inventory Item itself.

I find a common path I follow is between My Inventory and Stock Item History. Maybe for example to work out how stock levels have got to where they are . They are currently two independent views.

Would be nice to have an option to open up the Stock Item History from the Actively selected Inventory item itself from My Inventory View. Perhaps as a Link , a Context menu select or even as an additional action button. The idea is that whatever is added would in effect pass the Item SKU to the Stock Item History View with that inventory item pre-selected and displayed. Making a better link between the two views without having to make any fundamental changes to the Inventory view itself .

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And allow for viewing History of All locations at once. Or at least, where changing the location drop-down, to populate the appropriate data; as opposed to having to re-search to view an alternative location.
Great idea. Any time you can remove steps/click to accomplish a commonly used task, you improve efficiency.
This would save lots of time

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