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Reassigning Listing to a new Configurator

Allow listed products (esp variations) to be assigned to a new configurator (and to use the attributes fully) . At the moment a variation listing does not pickup changes to configurator on the listings build from it , where it does it certaily wont mark those that have been updated and those that have not . This means firstly you have either , delete listing and relist ( not an option as you loose all the tags and accumated parts of the listing ), You then have to spend a huge amount of effort updating each by hand . Most crucial of all you have no way to maintain which ones you have done and which ones you have not . (This specifically applies to Magento and Amazon although might affect others too ) .

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Graham are you my alter ego? I was working on my eBay listings over the weekend and was looking to change configurator on multiple listings at once. For each of my 50 changed listings I had to click into configurator and choose the new one for each individual listing.

I do wish (and may post a suggestion) to allow an 'update all selected' when changing listings configurators en-mass.
This is possible for eBay, but impossible for Amazon and Magento due to some restrictions in our core framework.

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