Listing last update date

Add lastupdate(s)* as a viewable column for linnlive listings .
This will allow us to see which listings might be stale and need refreshed and to make sure when such changes are done all listings have been updated since that date.
Would be nice to supplement that with search capabilities too .

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Example (of many) use case we have found. We just updated an extended property which is included in magento and amazon listings that need the listings to be removed and relisted (because of how Linnlive works in that respect). We dont want to have a scenario where our entire shop apears to have no stock in it for the hour or so it takes to down that and relist . Not forgetting the deadlocks and scheduling such high traffic will create . So we manage it in cycles . With this feature we can be sure we hit all items with the change.
You can use Extended Search to find listings that should be updated.
Another question is why you can't use adjustment to update changed extended property? Just right click on listing cell, then select adjustment and tick "update attributes/extended properties"
Should qualify that we use Configurable Products / Variation. So these sorts of features invariably do not work on that . They only work on Simple Listings. There is also the qualification and management of updates which we want to manage rather than leave it as a blanket update. So if today we make a big global change for example that we are then going to publish the following week or something . we would use that date to see at that point in time which items need to be updated.
Last comment and wish listing was perhaps not that clear . The lastupdate time we are envisaging is not last update of inventory details . It is last time the listing template was updated to the channel. (i.e was created or updated) .

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