Allow for Bulk Cancelling of Royal Mail Manifest

The recent error with the Royal Mail Manifest 'Timing Out' has cost us a lot of time and hassle. Due to numerous attempts from Linnworks we now have around 8 submissions to cancel with Royal Mail. Not only that but we have to manually cancel out over 150 transactions (This could have been much worse if it fell on a Monday, from the weekend's sales).

This has cost us a lot of wasted time and effort. Although Mike Farley of your support team states that there has been no need for the ability to 'Bulk Cancel'/ 'Clear' the manifest as this error should not occur in Linnworks, the reality of it is that these errors do occur and you should have the ability to deal with them accordingly.

Please add a 'Cancel Complete Manifest' option.


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Hi there we have just started to use the OBA manifest in Linnworks in the last few weeks and whilst alien have now worked around it and all seems to go smoothly (apart from the print time between the Friday and after bank holiday monday), i didnt realise there was a time out for the manifest in linnworks?

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