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New Marketplace : OnBuy

A new marketplace is opening on the 1st November that would be very helpful if it was integrated into Linnworks.

The marketplace is :

Thank you

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Saw OnBuy on BBC South News on Friday 20/12/13 and was impressive
please get a support for on
They have not added a new channel for almost 1 year and they don't seem to be interested in adding any more.... 120 votes and not a peep from Linnworks. The 120 voters must pay Linn Systems a small fortune but not enough to consider this. One of the best things about Linnworks is the ability to quickly list and make changes on multiple channels while keeping on top of stock levels for you! This becomes pointless if you can't list on multiple channels, quite simply the more the better. I just go this from one of the linnworks reps:

OnBuy has been rejected by developers. reason why has not been provided. I cannot guarantee that every channel that is requested will be implemented. the developers and management do lots of research about certain marketplace before integrating it and have full rights to agree or not agree to implement it. all i can advise you is to add suggestion to uservoice and wait for decision

Come on Linnworks, sort it out. At least up date this post and tell us why?
I am an account manager at OnBuy and was part of the initial launch of OnBuy during trials. OnBuy has approached Linnworks, but they are not interested in working with the site.

OnBuy launches in 2015 with a much improved marketplace, it's a shame that other channel systems are keen to work with OnBuy, but not Linnworks?
Will review this in 2016. At the moment there is just not enough tracking behind this channel.

Please understand our position. There are hundreds of channels and new startups being launched on a weekly bases. We can only commit to the ones that bring in sales for out customers.

We are currently working on integrating NewEgg, implementing listings functionality for Flubit and adding extensive functionality to Rakuten integration.

On the first review of is not even active.

We do however facilitate marketplaces such as to implement initial integration themselves using our API. If this integration receives traction and attracts users, we then commit to embeding it as a native integration into Linnworks is now live and we would like to re-open this ticket please :D
I spoke to an OnBuy representative yesterday and they said they are working on an App for Linnworks I am not sure how this would work though.
I agree. Reopen this ticket, and make our price hike worth paying for.
All - we have created a new updated ticket plese vote here so that we can expedite integration. Otherwise not sure that the OnBuy app will be as good as channel integrations

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