We NEED a dedicated CN22 label!!

We really do need a dedicated CN22 label that will conditionally print at the same time as the Royal Mail OBA label or Generic Postage Label. The workaround are clunky and printing the CN22 from the open orders screen is just a non-starter. Please please please, we really do need this functionality!

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This can already easily be done using Cn22 image, creating appropriate conditions and have it printed out on an integrated label with the shipping label, simples
This can already easily be done using Cn22 image.
Creating appropriate conditions and have it printed out on an integrated label with the shipping label.
So would be printed out for non eu countries and jersey sark etc.
You can also print the date on a cn22 image and put general details of the product etc
A bit like the address lables you get from cheap chinese goods all printed out.

Royal mail now don't need a cn22 for large letters so thats reduced mine, also if you print lables then if its a large letter I just cut the cn22 off the label and stick it on the envelope.

I also print an blue airmail on the label , so full name address return address order number cn22 airmail all clearly printed and covers most of the previous addresses on the packaging I use. :)

I use a Zebra printer and using an image of the CN22 results in a badly dithered printout that is hard to read.

We really could do with a proper template for this that will go onto a 6x4 Zebra printer label.


Use S7 integrated paper and you have room to put the CN22 label at the bottom of the RM label automatically when needed.

Not perfect but design the CN22 in the template manager, that's what we ended up doing. The font is Helvetica and is easily downloaded online, the rest of it is just boxes, with and without outlines. Doesn't help with it printing automatically but looks a damn sight better than simply pasting an image in.

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The option to print a CN22 label for Royal Mail services has recently been added to Linnworks.net. To enable it you can go to Shipping - Integrations - Services and click Edit on a service. There you can enable the CN22 option for that service, which will for international services outside the EU. When ticked a CN22 form will printed directly after the shipping label. This works for both integrated invoices and as 6×4 labels.

Hi Joonas,

Thanks for your reply, can I ask what intergration you're using for Royal Mail? We have the OBA installed on .net and I don't seem to have the same options window as yourself, sadly I don't appear to have the option to print a CN22 either.

Hi Steven,

The example was actually taken from your own OBA integration, let me illustrate it with more explicit instructions.


Technical Support

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Hi Joonas,

Thanks for clarifying, I misunderstood your original messas and was looking at the service providers settings not the individual services.

Hi Joonas,

Managed to get the new CN22 up and running, just a few questions if you have time.

  • Is it possible to use the item category for the CN22 item description, this is how we're currently set up with our desktop template? I've looked in extended properties setup for RM and item category doesn't seem to be a default mapping option.
  • By default the CN22 shows all child composite items, is it possible to change this to top level parent item?
  • Item value doesn't seem to be rounded to any number of decimal places, value totals simply run off the page?

Any help getting this sorted would be much appreciated. 

Just set this up and did a test, an order which we going to Australia generated the cn22 form
but an order which we had going to jersey - going as a standard 48 parcel did not generate the cn22 form - the option for that service was turned on to do the cn22 form.

I came across this thread by accident, we have been using our own 'invoice' template that prints on a zebra label for CN22's for years

Now that i have found this it is good, however I would like to tweak it, is that possible?

The good description for example - we usually use the words 'Fancy Dress Novelty' as ours are party items that the customer might not want to share with the rest of the world, can we change what goes in this box?

Signature - nothing is in this box - we use my name on ours - does it matter if nothings there? Our staff can't sign them all that's too time consuming and going backwards.

It's not printing quite right for us, need to change the margin a bit, it says CN2 and chops the rest off

Also just read an interesting ebay forum thread where people declare a very low default value for everything as they believe putting the real price on encourages theives.  I think they are right about that, got to say I'm never too happy about displaying an items worth, not all posties are honest.

Jacqui Connor

in the royal mail integration properties

it has the following options under Item Extended Property Mapping




each has a drop down, so all you have to do it seems is, is for each product is set an extended property for what you want to see on the form

you can call this field anything you want, just remember to map it.

yes i did have the same problem with it cutting out a bit,(on the left hand side)

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