Integration with Etsy

This marketplace as been really developed in the last 2 years and become a profitable market for many sellers.

With Linnworks integration I'm sure we (and others) will be able to maximize our sales in this channel.

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It is great, but magento 2 integration development started about year ago.......
Hi all,
Etsy is now ready for Beta testing, please use the following link to register your interest in joining the Beta program

Is there a specific ETA for proper Etsy support which includes:

1. Creating Listings on Etsy with Variations

2. Supporting Etsy's new SKU system which allows stock levels / sku per variation

3. Mapping of Etsy shipping profiles 

4. Choosing which shop category (etsy lets each shop create their own category) the listed product will be listed on

5. Importing of Etsy listings (with variations) into linnworks
6. Support for multiple Etsy accounts
7. Support for Etsy Vacation Mode ( Vacation mode feature is something which should be supported in all Marketplaces, by setting stock to 0)
8. Support for Etsy Renewal, or at-least auto-renew option when creating a listing. 


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