Integration with Etsy

This marketplace as been really developed in the last 2 years and become a profitable market for many sellers.

With Linnworks integration I'm sure we (and others) will be able to maximize our sales in this channel.

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I would also love to see Linnworks integrate with Etsy and hope that it will be ready soon. I would think it's a pretty simple integration, since Etsy doesn't hold actual stock levels for's simply in stock or out of stock. Is there an expected timescale for this please?
Brilliant news, our sales are increasing all the time on Etsy.
OH thank you this is the best news I have had so far this year :D will finally stop over selling WOOT!!
That's good news, I have around 300-400 items I would love to add to Etsy but cannot as stock needs to be tightly controlled. I hope by this year, you mean in a month or 2, not end of December ;)
I would join Linnworks tomorrow if it offered Etsy integration
Any update on when this will be implemented??
Is there an update as to when this will be completed? Or at least a definitely not before......???
Any news on when Etsy will be integrated?
Hi Mark

Any news on this?

It would be fantastic to be able to have this before Xmas. We may go crazy otherwise :)

Thank you

Any update on a planned release date please? I only have a small subset of my goods on Etsy as it's just too time consuming to keep manually updating stock levels. Integration with LW would allow me to list everything and make a huge difference to my sales
Hi Admin, do you have a date for this integration? It would be excellent to have before Christmas sales.
Please Linnworks.

This is a great platform for us we sell tonnes of stuff here and I am only listing a few items because of the difficulty of stock management. If we get the integration I will be able to list so much more.

Is there an ETA yet?
Hello Linnworks development team.

Lets hope we roll this out the ETSY integration asap, please.

Do we have an ETA?

Any word on when this is happening?

Year is quickly closing out, would be appreciated in time for the Christmas period by us and many others I'm sure.
Hello LW,

Any updates? We are all looking forward to this integration..specially before Christmas

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