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Bluepark - Linnworks Integration

Bluepark Solutions has recently released a REST API in order to make integration with third party systems possible. I would like to suggest a Linnworks - Bluepark integration. Bringing together this shopping basket with Linnworks would create a powerful combination, with perfect multi channel stock control, courier integration, and stock prediction as well as hundreds of other possibilities for Blueparkers.

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A big yes from me too!
I have looked at Linnworks for years on and of, and have always been put of, by the lack of integration, so yes this is something I would be interested in.
definitely yes, I've been watching LW for the past few years, and hope we can have a direct integration.
Been waiting for this for a while - would be amazing if it now gets donw
Yes, I have tried the LW demos, and as a bluepark customer for over 6 years, I would love to be able to sign up to LW's using the bluepark API. Also looking at the BP forums there must be at least another 50 people that I know of waiting for the link up.
need this asap
Although there is an API and it would be fairly straight forward to implement bluepark as direct integration for order management and inventory control. At this point we cannot commit to this developer due to relatively low votes received for this request
My guess, as a Bluepark user that would love integration with Linnworks, is that you have relatively few votes because Bluepark users don't come to this forum. I think you would get a very large response if you tried to discover the scale of interest on the BP forum ...

Please reconsider this integration.
Need this now. For a company like lynworks to state it is fairly straight forward and then dismis it in same sentence is not incoraging. There is demand for this.
Will this ever get done? I find it odd that you are not willing to integrate with one of the best UK ecommerce systems
+ 1 from me too, I emailed recently and was advised that there was no demand for blue park integration... seems there is plenty of demand here so not sure why they are reluctant to do it....

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