Change Pending Relist Log so Duplicate Titles are not permitted (preventing Duplicate listings)

There is an inherent flaw with the way the pending relist log works which can and does cause duplicate listings on Ebay which results in black marks on your ebay account.

The situation occurs when a listing is manually relisted via Linnlive it doesnt update the Pending relist log and move it back to active as the pending relist log is based on item number and not title.

There is legitimate reasons why listing need to be manually relisted for example if the listing is over 90 days old and linnworks isnt managing it anymore for example, however when you do this you need to double check manually the pending relist log to ensure your not going to end up with duplicates, we all hate manual processes with a system that is suppose to do complete automation

So I purpose the pending relist log and active log be amended to incorporate Ebays policy on duplicate listings, where the title cannot be identical on any 2 listings, something which Linnworks doesnt care about and will happily relist something twice.

The fix is simple, if the listing in the pending relist log is identical strike one off automatically to prevent a duplicate.

For this reason alone we do not allow Linnworks to relist items by itself we switch it on once a day and approve the relists one by one, we have caught 3 duplicates in the last 2 months by doing this.

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