Add extended properties to column chooser in My Inventory

This would be extremely helpful and would also automatically solve a number of these suggestions.

If you could add extended properties as an option for the columns in my inventory, it would dramatically improve your ability to filter through products.

You could search for products by season, brand, discontinued/dead, size, or you could even add a second bin location for a product as an extended property and view that.

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This is marked as 'Completed' but I'm not seeing it on either the desktop version or .net. Any ideas?
This has been marked this as completed based on the following.

Whilst it is not possible to display the actual columns for each Extended Property in My Inventory which would seriously slow down the screen the following functionality has been implemented to allow find items based on Extended Properties

1. It is now possible to search by "Extended Property name" which will return all items that have the associated Extended Property

2. It is possible to apply a Filter to a view based on Extended Properties and their values, again only returning items that match the parameters of the filter

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

Can you confirm where these 2 features are on the desktop?  in "My Inventory" I do not see it at all.


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