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hi im a Linn works user, and we luv it, but feel its not keeping up with Channel Advisor etc.. we need , as above, TRADE ME supported on LInnworks to start selling to eh new Zealand market place..

any news guys at Linnworsk on this???? please advsie..

Linnworks as really revolutionised our life and method of selling and even though we get so many calls form Channel advisor etc to move across to them.. we here to stay with LWorks... buy guys ans girls of Linnworsk lets start doing more.... and faster...



I would agree with others that integration with Trade Me is essiantial in order to successfully trade in NZ.

This is really important Trade Me are now actively seeking international sellers. At the moment only Channel Advisor is offering integration. Can you please investigate offering this in Linnworks so we can approach Trade Me?

Indeed, it would be really nice as we also are an international company and are struggling to deal with this platform without Linnworks.


We are French and want to sell product on this platform which looks having a great potential.

We need it to be integrated to Linnworks.

Please integrate with TradeMe as soon as possible.
please rethink this decision please. TradeMe is a similar size to integrations such as Allegro and definitely bigger than the likes of HitMeister.
We have been in discussion with Trade Me about the options open to setting up this channel and have suggested that they make use of the new "Custom Channel Integration" that is in final stage of development which will allow for 3rd Parties to create an integration that sits inside and can act in the same way as Channels integrated directly by ourselves for Order and Inventory management.

However they come back with the following response

"As you know it is something a lot of organisations we speak to have asked us for and I know a number of your customers have been keen for you to have an option to list on Trade Me. However, given that we?d be required to build a number of unique API end points because, as I understand it, our current ones don?t suit your requirements coupled with our own product development roadmap. Our product team have concluded we don?t have the resource or time required to get this off the ground, at least for the next six months.

I?m disappointed we need to put this on hold for the time being as I can see the mutual benefit in having the integration in place, but equally I can?t expect our product team to manipulate our roadmap to fit in a large chunk of work when it is already fully booked."


They seem to be a little more internationally focused now...may be they have had a change of mind?

Is this worth another push?



I would support this idea to make another push


David Swift, their Global Development Manager seems open to have another chat.



We would love to see an integrated connector in Linnworks too. We've been selling through a Magento plugin so far.


Trademe  integration is now available through application store. It was delivered by Ebusiness Guru.

Kind regards,

Nikita Barford

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