Allow adding of additional variations into existing variation listings via LinnLive.

We have a listing on eBay at the moment which has Size and Quantity selectable for the item.

We have recently increased our product range to include more colours for the product.

eBay allows you to add further variations to a listing, but not remove them.

LinnLive does not allow you to change the Configurator of an existing listing to include a further variation.

The variation would be changed from a Configurator that:

Allows Size and Quantity

to a Configurator that:

Allows Size, Quantity and Colour.

This currently is not possible, and the only way to do this would be to manually alter the listing and lose control of it via LinnLive.

Obviously, this is a short term solution, as any price changes or product changes cannot be handled via LinnLive and must be done manually, decreasing productivity.

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Hi - I guess this is the item that has promoted the new variation changes - All I can say is the sentiment of the idea is good but the method employed in LW sucks! Time consuming and a retrograde step (in my opinion!)

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