have an extended property to select a specific shipping service within a configurator

Linnworks needs to create an extended property feature that allows me to select a specific shipping service within a given configurator. For any given product that normally would all go under 1 configurator I have to have 4-5 configurators because I use different shipping services depending on quantity, and price matching the competition.

I don't want to hear that I can just change configurators for that product because that is absurd. Linnworks is supposed to make inventory control easier, not more complicated. I can't have 100+ configurators when I'm only offering 10-15 products that are in different categories. I should be able to make 1 configurator for all my products that are in 1 specific ebay category. If I sell in 10 eBay categories I should be able to have 10 configurators. You wouldn't make me create different configurators because I offer Products in different conditions but are all in the same categories, right?

Easy solution...Use shipping method as the column mapping header and use the names of the different shipping options as the extended propert



UPS Ground



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