Can you please allow sorting according to bin rack in the warehouse transfer screen.

The warehouse transfer screen has helped a lot but if we can add a couple of features to it it will make it so much easier.

We should be able to do a csv upload and also it should show the bin rack of the item so we can sort it according to the bin rack. Sorting will reduce the the manual labor time to the minimum as they can just go according to the bin locations and pick item instead of going up and down time and again.

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At the moment there are no plans to implement CSV upload for the Warehouse transfer functionality.

With regards to the display and sorting by Bin Rack Locations, this is possible to achieve already by editing the relevant Templates in template Designer and using the Items table. This table includes the Bin Rack Location which can be displayed and used for Sorting.

More information on working with Template Designer can be found here

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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