Update Pick/Pack Lists so that there is an option to show only Child Items

Give an option where the pick/pack sheets don't contain the composite item, and just show the child items.

e.g (current system).

John Smith orders QTY 1 of - 5 x abc widgets

Paul Jones orders QTY 5 of - 1 x abc widgets

Can be confusing to pickers reading the sheets as both customers have ordered the same thing. Would be great to have an option to break down any composites to it's child items.

so the orders above would appear as:

John Smith orders QTY 5 of - abc widgets

Paul Jones orders QTY 5 of - abc widgets
we have issues on the pick sheets that it doesn't show all the child items as there is too many items in the composite., I know we can change the pick sheets, but for the occasional composite going out having to make the lines big enough on the pick sheet doesn't work, if it just listed the child item and not the composite would be so much better

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