Fetch Magento Variation SKU from Variation Group SKU

Currently when listing a variation in Magento, Linnlive creates a random SKU instead of using the SKU from the Variation Group. I would suggest it uses the one already created so we dont have to change it manualy.

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3 years old and this is still a bug! 

Please can we get a fix for this, it works as expected on other channels just not Magento.

When a bug can't be fixed, you just add it to the documentation spec and make out like it's supposed to be that way:

By default, the Variation Group Name followed by an auto generated number is used as the listing SKU. If you want to set your own SKU, you can add a ParentSKU extended property with the desired SKU as the value to the main product of the variation group (Property Name: ParentSKU, Property Value: desired SKU, Property Type: Attribute);

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