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Add SubSource for Ebay to filter International Listings

Currently all Ebay listings are lumped in one channel even though they are spread over several different sites like Amazon.

We need to be able to distinguish between the sites and have a filter, eg. Source EBAY SubSource EBAY0_DE etc

It is currently impossible to easily work out what is listed on what channel and what needs to be listed.

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just add an extended property with the data you require, and when you export the data, you will have them in the csv
Definitely a good Idea, I've been asking about this in a support ticket recently.
Whilst we can see how this could be useful to filter across multiple eBay sites in a single view it would require some architectural changes that mean we can not implement this .

However we will be updating the My Inventory View functionality so that you can edit View to either hide or display SKU's based on whether they are listed or not on a specific.

Documentation on this can be found here

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd
It is OK to decline this as long as the Mode works for products listed before Linnworks instead of just products with a listing template i.e. listed though Linnworks.


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