Royal Mail Tracked Returns Integration

Could I request a feature / improvement to the "Returns / Refunds" page.

We are new users of the Royal Mail Tracked Returns labels and feel it would be very helpful if this process could be integrated into linnworks returns / refunds process. It would be great to simply find a processed order, right click and create a Tracked Returns label to email a PDF to the customer rather than having to manually log into RMDMO to generate it, copying and pasting sender references.

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We will review the viability of this functionality in the near future
I agree - this would be a great function
This really would be a great integration
it would be great if we could print returns labels onto the invoices on dispatch?

I raised a ticked for this in January and sadly still no further development "It's being looked into but no ETA as yet" - such a shame as to use tracked returns currently means logging into DMO each and everytime, taking up time and resources. 

An integration from Linnworks would be most welcome (Especially since the large price increase ;-) )

Bryony :-)

this surely would be a welcomer feature. They said it would come this year.

We also really need this feature. Our Royal Mail Account Manager and Linnworks tech support both indicated integration due this year.

Hi Byrony,

Are you able to create adhoc return labels in DMO, we only have the new service Click & Drop. It doesn't allow us to create ad-hoc labels it seems to need an order to work with in the first place.



Bump.. anyone?

Can anyone here advise - how are you generating tracked return labels now... what is the workaround?

This is a sorely needed feature in LW but I cannot find a way to do it at all unless we start printing labels in click and drop?

I would like to know if there is any progress on this now DMO is shutting

yes, exactly.  we have tracked returns on our RM account for over a year but we cannot use the service. instead, we have to pay for a regular label.

I was led to believe this was due this year, is it still the case?

Adding my interest in this too... be good to get an update on this 3 year old request...

Any update on this???!!!

We really need this feature... Please advise?

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