Help identify bad or suspicious buyers

1. When a new order arrives in Linnworks it should be linked to previous orders from that customer/username. This would allow us to quickly see buyer order history and identify possible problems with past orders.

Examples... buyer reported item not received, product not as described, received empty box, etc.

2. Also add the ability to red flag a customer and have an immediate alert show on open orders when this customer orders again. This would be extremely helpful so we can take extra measures before shipment such as inspecting the item, taking pictures, adding a delivery signature requirement etc…. or simply cancelling the order.

3. Going one step further, Linnworks should provide a central database where merchants can add customers who exhibit suspicious or abusive behavior so all LW clients can share this information. There was a good discussion of this idea with positive comments from LW in the past - see this link…

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I was just about to suggest the exact same thing!

We find that we are having repeat violators abusing Distance Selling Regs etc.

Although this can be countered on eBay with a banned list (as far as the buyer creating a new account), it is not possible to do this for Amazon.

To have a Blacklist of addresses/buyers would be so useful.

This has to be included in a (not so distant) future patch.
Fantastic idea
This is a very must and important feature...On daily basis we handle such type of cases and every one know that the customer is lying about ''item not received'' as they are aware that items less than 6 pounds will not be sent tracked and will start messing around....So refund is issued at the end to avoid negative feedback..

On top of that ebay always take customers side as ''do you have a tracking no for this order'' will be the first answer if you speak to ebay customer service...

we are even asked many many times for a tracking no for an order of 0.99 pence..
racking no for 4 of 5 pounds order....

What a joke!!!!!

This could be used as a benefit to buyers as well. We would like to highlight "good" buyers where we might want to add a small gift to their order. Such as a buyer who has been honest when claiming an item hasn't been received :- we replace it and then the first order turns up so the buyer sends first back at their own expense.  Or repeat customers etc

It might not cover all the functionality that people have requested on this thread, but we feel our app might be of interest to some of you!


this is regarding Warden app. Is it possible for this app to steal my contact details from the processed orders database ?

there is no info on the net about Warden developers so would like to confirm the securities before any installation...



Hi Mike,

Definitely hear where you're coming from on this one, it always pays to be judicious when allowing an application access to your data.

Although Warden needs to retrieve customer contact details from your database in order to make a comparison of order data to blacklist data, the app only stores the details of the customers that you've specifically added to the blacklist.

As for us, the developers, we're a two-person team whose full-time roles are as developers for Linnworks and a few years ago we decided to create Warden as side-project.

Would love this feature!

Not sure if this is of any use, but we setup a rule in the Rules Engine that checks for order details (say email address) of problem buyers and move these orders to a Hold Bay location. We also have a macro running in .NET that checks order details and then emails us when these conditions are met. This has allowed us to isolate orders from previously problem buyers and take any required action. Not a very neat solution, but it works as long as you know the what order details you are looking for.

Any chance you could upload the macro script for this???


Really surprised this hasn't become a reality yet.

There's a daily issue of questionable behaviour by specific customers.

We can probably set up a rules engine ourselves, but would need help on the macro side.

I think a protection flag as part of Linnworks would be an excellent addition to the service.

the only problem with Amazon is that even if you cancel the order for the buyer from the 'black list' the buyer can still write a negative feedback.... so for amazon buyers particularly I would rather choose another strategy: for these buyers just change the shipping service to the one with a tracking and signature... 

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