Processed Orders Default Search - improve this

Small changes to the Processed orders in the Desktop App, and for the .net version.

The default search in processed orders is the LW Order ID, we always have to change this to either the sales channel "Reference Number" or the "Customer Name/ID". Either default to the sales channel "Reference Number", or allow us to specify the default search type by user, plus we normally always have to select "For All Dates" when trying to find an order, this would also be a nice default .

The perfect solution would be a combined field "external ref / customer name/id", this would cover probably 95% of our searches.

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In .net, we have the choice to search for processed orders by: Order received date / Processed date / payment received date / for all dates and then a search box with a date range.  

This is pretty useless when you have a customer on the phone if you need to check something quickly. You end up trying to filter all the columns and it just is not efficient.

Need the ability to have a search box to search by Order ID / Sales Channel Order ID / Name / Postcode or something along these lines. 

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