Sort Invoices and Labels on

Sort Invoices and Labels on - Currently when using generic labels on when printing invoices and shipping labels then do not print as they appear on the screen the are all jumbled up and Don't print in any particular order causing the picker to spend a long time matching the labels to the invoices - please sort this so the invoices and labels print in the same order

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I would like to know how other companies get around this. I guess they pick all the goods to a shelf and then re pick to the invoices from that first pick where the label is included on the invoice paperwork.

I have done both systems and the pick to an invoice has always been faster for a small to medium size warehouses.

I am currently maintaining a separate system to get around would be great if this could be included. I have implemented it in an access database with 3 queries, so I know it is a simple process.

1. Sort Invoice by Bin then SKU
2. Sort invoice batch by the bin and then SKU of the first line on the invoice
3. Print...voila!

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