allow adding of non stock items to Purchase Orders

So say I am putting in an order with a supplier. I need to order some bits and pieces that are non stock items. Packaging / what have you.

Allow a system like sage where you can add a S1 stock code that can be customised to be anything you want.

also would be useful is an M1 code for adding a note at the end of an invoice.

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we will review the possibility of adding non stock items to a purchase order as this functionality is currently under review for implementation.

With regards to notes, I can confirm it is already possible to add a note to a Purchase Order by clicking on the Notes field. These notes can then be displayed on the printed Purchase Order, by adding the Notes table.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd
Any update on this one?

yes, we could still use this!

yep we need this also!!!

any update?

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