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The views for open orders is impractical. The Selection/break down of open orders on the desktop version allows the selection of specific Sources and/or Shipping Services. This Sublevel extraction of open orders is extremely useful. requires "views" this couls mean around 20 to 30 views - impractical -

A sub level break down of open orders with the list of views available similar to desktop "group selection" would be more efficient and practical than pressing the ">" button for ages to find the view required.

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I've been playing with the .NET and the open order views and so far I am up to 23 views just to see open orders from the various sources and how many orders there are for each source. The desktop version has that info at a glance in the left hand column "Group Selection"

We also look at the Shipper Service to see how many orders are there for each type of shipment - that would require 11 different views - on the desktop this is available at a glance in the left hand side of the open orders screen

To say .NET is an improvement is rather a bold statement as data is no longer available at a glance and requires operator to search for a view (not readily visible)
Hi Ed,
in the quickest way to get the numbers overview you are after; ie breakdown of orders by Source or Courier is to use Dashboards > Order Dashboard
This was designed to provide the numbers that user pulled from the Group selection in Linworks desktop.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd
I fully agree
with only 2 locations I am already getting lost with the VIEWS

there should be either possibility to:
1) have different views created for each location or
2) and if not possible... at least to choose which VIEW I can see in what LOCATION...

I do not see how I am going to use linnworks without that option in a couple of months

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