An improved EPOS solution

The current EPOS solution is barely tolerable and with the likes of EPOS NOW offering web integration and a whole range of apps I feel Linnworks will get left behind if it does not improve its current EPOS system.

In addition there needs to be some way of integrating payment solutions to be able to take direct payments through linnworks.

Finally if Linnworks has no intention of improving their EPOS then a suitable third party who can integrate should be available.

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It could be true EPOS is getting a revamp if that is waht sales have said and simply the old version is no longer supported? There is clearly a demand for better EPOS from this thread and something other competitors offer so lets hope.

There is the chance of an API stand off here though where Linnworks and such as Epos Now both have API's available and each expects the other to integrate with them so nothing happens apart from an enterprising 3rd party coming along and developing an 'App' increasing the TCO for users as they have to pay Linnworks, EPOS Company AND App Developer £££ which is not a sustainable business model.

Maybe someone from Linnworks can give a definitive answer? We can plan our next move then.

I would also really like an update please.


The EPOS that comes with the download of Linnworks Desktop is indeed not as good as several more modern solutions out there. We still support EPOS meaning that if you have an issue with your application and create a support ticket about it, we will look into fixing whatever issue you may have. 

One of our partners has developed an EPOS app that is currently being reviewed by us. Once it passes the test it will be available in the APP-store for anyone to download. Linnworks in combination with that app will be an improvement to Linnworks with the current EPOS. For those who seek this improvement, the app can be purchased and the Linnworks users that are happy with the current EPOS can keep using the system they have gotten accustumed to.  

Best regards,

Klaas Schippers

Linn Systems

Hi Klass,

I believe the App you refer to is LinnPOS from ebusiness guru who inform me that this will be 'middlewear' that sits between Linnworks and any 3rd party EPOS software or they can supply hardware with Eagle EPOS pre-loaded and their App as a package £££.

The thing is the they are talking about charging £50 per month for the App on top of our Linnworks subscription (which we already pay for EPOS) and of course then the cost of a compatible 3rd party EPOS software (I am guessing 'any' EPOS is an overstatement!) which is just not a sustainable business model.

Ditching core Linnworks functionality in favour of supporting 3rd party API developers in real terms is just hiking the cost of Linnworks for your users. Bad move Fedor!

Linnworks should update the EPOS function just like other parts of the system, there is clearly a demand for it and it should not be abdicated to a 3rd party solution.


Agreed, an "app store" only works with a large number of users which can drive the price per user down and actually result in an app with enough uptake that it's constantly kept up to date.

The linnworks app store is going to end up being badly supported imho as small companies won't budget for the apps leaving a few middle size companies paying for them and the app developers not making enough money to continue support/innovation.

EPOS/CRM are features that linnworks should provide imho. It's bad enough paying out for xsellco which other order management software bundle their version for an inclusive price.

Totally agree with the above comments.  Also this directly contradicts what the sales team told me, I was told 'EPOS is undergoing a complete overhaul and we are in the middle of developing a new and improved solution' 

If I had been told what I know now I would have likely looked elsewhere as this really isn't acceptable.  

It's interesting that this topic is at the top of the "Popular Articles" list (at time of me writing this), yet Linnworks seem to be palming this functionality off to a 3rd party app. I really struggle to understand the thought process that goes into deciding which feature to add/improve when the most popular one is fobbed off. On the face of it, it looks like these decisions are not based on user feedback, but perhaps something more financially driven! Just speculating though... ;-)


Hello Pete,

Of course, there is a financial case for each new development, just like you would look at the costs for your own business in case of a major overhaul. This, however, is not the only thing considered in this case; it is also development time, in-house knowledge and quality as we only want to bring the best solution to our community.

The request in this topic is to create an EPOS solution from scratch that works in both and Linnworks desktop. The size and complexity of this development are contributing to why this topic is still open and not yet closed. In general, there are more replies to threads that are not yet 'in development' such as this one, leading to the topic gaining 'popularity' on this forum. 

At the moment there are many companies specialised in creating EPOS solutions. They make amazing software using the latest technologies, paying via phone, smart card, bitcoins, you name it, it's all out there. If we were to start building today, we would be years behind competitors who have been developing their EPOS systems for years with teams twice the size of the Linn Systems team! 

If you can't beat them ~ join them! We would rather make use of the amazing software that is already out there and aim to get a large provider integrated with Linnworks. In the meantime, you can use the EPOS-functionality for Desktop that is already available for free for every Linnworks user or use an application that has been developed by one of our partners. 

Thank you for your understanding, 

Best regards,
Klaas Schippers

Customer Experience

Hi Klaas

Fair comment, I hadn't appreciated the specifics of this feature request. I personally would be happy if the current desktop version was just improved. For me, the feature I would like added is simply a search by part SKU or part item title exactly as the "My Inventory" search on desktop works. At the moment we have many products that do not have barcodes so we need to know the exact SKU to find it on the EPOS system. With thousands of items in our inventory, this is a virtually impossible task. Allowing search by part SKU or part title would speed things up immensely and wouldn't be using any technology that you don't already have in the desktop client. I would imagine that your developers are capable of achieving that functionality and that it wouldn't take too long to do.

As for .net, there are so many problems with that system, I reckon it would be a waste of time attempting an EPOS in there. Stick with the current desktop version until you have at least made .net widely viable!

Payment integrations would be nice but I understand your point about development times, costs and capabilities.

Looking through the thread, it seems there are 2 steps, one is a minor improvement to the existing EPOS system to make it a bit more friendly and easier to use. The second is a major EPOS overhaul that I admit would need far more consideration and perhaps a 3rd party system would work well here. Step one would at least help matters for those who don't need such an grand solution.

I guess neither will happen anytime soon so for now, we will continue to put up with the current clunky one.

Anyway thank you for your quick reply.


@Pete Stubbings.  You can search by numerous fields on the EPOS till by double clicking the search bar :) 

@Michael Harkess. You are an absolute LEGEND! strange that the Linnworks support staff didn't tell me this when I queried it with them. Their response was that you could only put the SKU or barcode in to find the product! 

I still think an improved EPOS would be good, but that has made the current one so much more usable for us. My next suggestion for Linnworks is to ensure your support staff know the product and can advise correctly :-)

Thanks again Michael!


@Pete Stubbings, no problem at all, glad I could help! 

Hello Paul,

We are a third-party Linnworks developer who has released an improved EPOS solution.

LinnPOS - An innovative cloud point-of-sale solution which talks to Ebusiness Guru's Point-Of-Sale EPOS software and allows you to sync and manage orders, stock, and inventory between Linnworks and your Retail/Wholesale EPOS system. This solution has more functionalities than the Epos Now system. You can also take direct integrated payments through to Linnworks.

You can learn more about this right here.



eBusiness Guru


T: +44(0)207 096 5012

Can you show what the UI looks like and what additional features there are over the current EPOS system.


Hello Keith,

Thank you for your comments.

We are happy to arrange a remote demo so that we can show you what the UI looks like and what additional features there are over the current EPOS system.

Please provide a suitable email address and/or contact number for the team to organise this.
Or kindly drop me an email with your details.



eBusiness Guru

T: +44(0)207 096 5012
M:+44(0)7599 100 808

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