An improved EPOS solution

The current EPOS solution is barely tolerable and with the likes of EPOS NOW offering web integration and a whole range of apps I feel Linnworks will get left behind if it does not improve its current EPOS system.

In addition there needs to be some way of integrating payment solutions to be able to take direct payments through linnworks.

Finally if Linnworks has no intention of improving their EPOS then a suitable third party who can integrate should be available.

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i would also highly support this as i feel its definately something which would allow me as a store owner to grow in terms of offering a loyalty system in store as well as more reporting and analytics methods.

linking epos now systems into the linnworks software as seperate locations would be amazing for a multistore solution. khaos control is the other one stop solution for stock control and epos all in one.
someone step up and make a better epos for linnworks, i can not have 10 shops go offline and the epos break, is NEEDS to be fully offline, not half arsed, get your act together linnworks
We would also really benefit from an improved or 3rd party EPOS integration.

New Epos Really would go down well. We are on the hunt for an Epos Solution which integrates with Linnworks suitably. Its the biggest let down for linnworks to provide an all encompassing solution to multi channel stock management. 

I would agree with the above. The current EPOS system is poor, even simple things like the only way to find a product without scanning it (some of our products don't have barcodes) is an exact search on the SKU. Implementing the same "add product" search functionality you have when creating a new order in Linnworks would at least be a small step to making it more usable.


We agree EPOS needs a revamp as it is dated compared to other market offerings.

First EPOS has got to work completely off-line (including log-in) until it can automatically detect the database again and sync.

Secondly finding products other than by barcode is a must easily from the scan line not having to hold the line to bring up the pop-up with the find option. (also this 'find' option brings up all Inventory not just the location set in EPOS)

Thirdly reporting, including refunds being tracked financially, needs a massive overhaul including end of day reports.

Finally, payment methods should be mapped like other channels and refunds/exchanges should book stock back into original sales location or another location if one exists and customer has returned to another store.

Much more improvement required.
Linnworks - please provide your thoughts on the direction of this??


Linnworks - Any chance of this major issue being revisited?


Another one in need of a much better EPOS solution. I think rather than expecting a 3rd party to stumble across linnworks and decide to develop an integration for EPOS it may be more productive for linnworks to approach an EPOS solution provider and work with them to enable an integration with their software much like they have done with xsellco in the message consolidation solution.

Yes I completely agree with this! The old desktop version of the EPOS is very old and outdated. Linnworks should defiantly look at including it in

Can anyone from Linnworks provide an update on this?

Not being able to integrate with card payment machines is catastrophic, having to manually enter the amount onto a stand alone machine is both unprofessional and fraught with danger from a human error point of view. Having used Microsoft RMS for the past 12 years with card machines integrated into the EPOS using YesPay I had hoped Linnworks would be at least as good, I am sorry to say it is useless in this regard. Please step-up Linnworks.

I have now received word as a result of a ticket due to an issue we were having with the EPOS from Linnworks that the EPOS is no longer supported and will not be updated any further at all. If we want to use an improved EPOS solution we will have to now integrate our own choice using Linnworks' API. The communication on this issue has been pretty appalling really. The effect of this is that anyone who wants to continue using Linnworks and a decent EPOS system will now have to pay for both separately.

RE: Matthew Nuttall: 

This is very frustrating.  The sales team had told me their EPOS was already undergoing a massive revamp this year, I was told this only a month ago when I purchased Linnworks.  Very disappointed now to find out today that they are no longer supporting it.  

May have to look for alternate solutions as not wanting to pay extra for an EPOS solution when it should be built in like every other stock management software I've used and the current EPOS set up is pretty poor.  

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