Amazon price update future extend to adjust price separately for FBA and FBM for same SKU

At the moment if you have 2 offers under same ASIN, 1 for FBA and one FBM - merhcant fulfilment. You know FBA always comes with free postage, and here begining an issue if you do not offer free postage on FBM and you would like to update them separately with different price.

FBA - free postage

FBM - price without postage

For now when you want to adjust price in linnlive you need to go to edit and adjust each separately, if you will adjust by update prices then this will adjust price for bot offers the same one.

Linnworks has future to update price automaticaly if you change it in product card. In this case this will not work for everyone because it will update the same price fro both fulfilments.

My idea is to have ability to adjust both fulfilments, something like you can do on Ebay international sites by specify channel. In this case it would be by specify SKU number like 1005 and 1005FBA

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