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Low stock report

We have a range of products which are ordered in when customers place orders.

When the minimum stock level is set to zero the report does not pick up the SKU's

The only way is to set the Min Level to 1.

This causes a problem where all of the non-stock items flag to be reordered even though you do not have sales for these items.

Is there a slight change to the report so that the SKU's which are not held in stock with a min level of zero get picked up when someone orders?

ie Min Level = zero and Open orders is greater than zero

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The minimum level parameter is linked in to reordering stock that you hold in your warehouses and therefore need to purchase stock in advance of running out.

The scenario you are describing (buying in stock for items that have sold and I do not hold stock, but instead get when required) is solved by using the following option.

Inventory Control > Reorder Low Stock > Fulfill Paid Orders.

Currently this option is only available in Linnworks desktop, but will also be ported to

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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