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Hi there,

I'd like to fully utilise the Despatch by date that is shown as an option under the general info tab for my open orders. I think it would be useful for me to set the date this needs to be despatched by so that I can check on orders and ensue they are dispatched on time. The despatch date is available as a filter option but no obvious way to change it.

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It has been agreed to implement the editing of Despatch Date on the Edit Order screen.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems

HIĀ Mark Aldous, do you know when this feature will be implemented?

Hello George,

As far as I can see this has already been added to the development cycle, but I'm afraid there is no ETA for this feature. We'll keep you posted.

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Will this work with eBay?

As far as I can tell this has yet to be implemented. Or am I missing something here?

my bad, this is desktop...

We would like to be able to change Despatch Dates - is this going to be implemented? 

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