Stock Item Label Template Designer

Template designer allows you to create custom templates for invoices, PO's and even warehouse transfers or consignments. However there is no ability to add Label Designer templates. Instead this function is in another area of Linnworks > My Inventory > Print Labels > Label Designer. There you can create only one label template. This doesn't make any sense to me because the template designer is almost the same interface and same concept. So why not migrate this label designing feature to the Template designer so we can save multiple templates for labels. This would be very useful for many things.... One template for item SKU's, One for Item inventory boxes, one for SKU's with a price on them, one for product packaging labels etc. To change your template every time is slow, time consuming and produces an inconsistent look since its hard to remember how you had a template setup in the past.

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We have the migration of printing Stock Item labels to My Inventory and I have included this request in the task list for consideration as part of the migration process.

Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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